jodi & alberto’s surprise wedding day

The invites were sent out for an engagement party and as family and friends arrived at Bella Vista Farm for Jodi and Alberto’s event, the crowd began to grow suspicious when the couple secretly disappeared to change.. The intimate wedding ceremony took place outside in the lovely settings of Bella Vista Farm House. Jodi wore a stunning Jenny Packham wedding gown and as she walked out into the crowd, cheers of surprise and joy erupted.  Wedding photographs were taken around the lovely grounds after the ceremony and as the sunlight faded for our last few photo’s that’s when the partying began. An astonishing array of sweets were presented and catered by Little Sweet Adventures. The barn was fittingly decorated with pales of hay and hundreds of little fairy-lights, mason jars, along with a stunning display of floral arrangements. Here are their beautiful wedding photographs which capture their special wedding day perfectly.

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