social media content for new business in perth

If you’re a new business owner in Perth needing some assistance with basic marketing, copywriting, social media content then I have a great introduction offer to take advantange of. Depending on your new business needs I am happy to discuss and tailor something that will assist you with your business growth and social media marketing in Perth.

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Images speak a thousand words and in todays society it really is all about personal branding and image. With a wide background in photography ranging from fashion, people, event and product photography in Perth, I’d be happy to chat with you about how I can help. Completing studies in photography, business, fashion, copywriting and marketing- there’s a great overall creative ability here to take advantage of.

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Understanding marketing strategies, SEO, Adwords and how to write fun and engaging content combined with attention grabbing images are key to a new business marketing plan.

Whether you’re a new cafe in perth, boutique store in perth or fresh freelancer looking for some support I am happy to offer you images for unlimited usage on social media in my introduction social media package for perth businesses. Please contact me on email for more information.