Professional photography headshots

There are a number of reasons why you may need a headshot by a professional photographer. Whether it’s corporate headshots or creative industry headshots such as acting headshots, model portfolio photography or business images for the work you do.

There are a few important steps to taking a good headshot.

  • Ensure the lighting is clean, even and colour balanced.
  • Decide on professional studio head shots or an outdoor setting (this will effect the time of your shoot according to the best light)
  • Look for a commercial or portrait photographer who can take your images. The end result will be worth the quality and longevity of the image.
  • Wear something plain on top, there’s nothing worse than knowing what year an image was taken by the fashion worn.
  • Keep it simple- a plain block coloured t-shirt or crisp white shirt won’t ever date. For corporate head shots a classic navy or black well fitted suit is perfect.
  • Show some personality, a good photographer will capture your personality while keeping it sharp and professional.
  • Natural works everytime, don’t overdo the make up or smile, keep it light and fresh


  • IMG_7796IMG_8963b&w-9

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